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Chiropractic and Social Media

Every week a few questions are asked by patients about something they have seen on social media regarding chiropractic. The questions range from asking about various adjustments they have seen, results they have come across displayed in videos, or even asking if I have seen various public figures be adjusted or knew of their utilization of chiropractic. As with most things on social media, there is both the good and the bad. This is no different in the chiropractic space on various platforms of social media. Within chiropractic exists many different techniques and schools of thought. It is important to always understand the source of the content. For example, some of the clips seen in Snapchat’s popular “POP Therapy” story contains a lot of practitioners that are not chiropractors, but instead osteopaths or physical therapists performing manipulations.

These treatments are very similar to chiropractic adjustments; however, the difference is chiropractic adjustments are specific. Chiropractors are trained to locate and correct specific misalignments in your spine. As B.J. Palmer, the developer of chiropractic, said: “Chiropractic is specific or it is nothing!” My point being if you see anything on social media and have any questions or hesitations about chiropractic care based on what you have seen, feel free to reach out for some clarification!

If you enjoy watching adjustments, chiropractic care, and other health informative posts, follow some of my favorite chiropractors that I too follow, as well as my own accounts! Listed below are three of my favorite content producing chiropractors all of their social media handles and my own as well:

Dr. Matt Delgado

Instagram: drmattdelgado

Dr. Rahim Salehmohamed

Instagram: drrahimdc

Youtube: Dr. Rahim

Dr. Christain Carroll

Instagram: Triunechiro

Dr. Nolan Kennedy

Instagram: nolan.kennedy.dc

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