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Chiropractic & Sports

One of the reasons why I decided to become a chiropractor was first hand experiencing the benefits of chiropractic care while participating in sports as a kid. Every season I was participating in some sort of physical activity; however, with near constant training, comes injuries. When something happened to me during practice or a game, the first person my parents turned to for help was my local chiropractor. From sprained ankles, wrists, and fingers to strained hamstrings and back muscles, and even prior to easing back into sports after breaking my leg, my chiropractor was the lead of my rehab team. Now, purely from my perspective, I noticed I would bounce back from a rolled ankle or sore shoulder faster than a lot of my teammates who did not seek care or went another route with their ailments.

I’m not alone though. All 30 MLB, 32 NFL and 31 of 32 NHL teams have chiropractors on their staff to help care for their athletes (1,2,3). Additionally, the United States Olympic team employed a chiropractor as their director of sports medicine from 2010 to 2020 both at their training facilities as well as at the games themselves. Overseeing the healthcare of our country's top athletes on the biggest stage was a chiropractor!

With fall athletics starting their practices and camps, it is necessary for student-athletes to have up to date pre-participation physical examinations. As primary care providers, chiropractors are able to perform these physicals in the state of Iowa! If you know of an athlete who is in need of a new physical exam before they can begin practice, reach out to our office and get one scheduled so they are not stuck on the sideline during the important early days of the season. Afterwards, feel free to ask about how we can keep the athlete on the field during the season with chiropractic care!


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