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Therapeutic Modalities

Our doctors utilize a variety of modalities in a patients care to aid in recovery. These types of modalities are called passive because they require nothing out of the patient. They are typically used on patients who are experiencing high levels of pain and unable to perform more active manual therapies.

Our Modalities

Electrical muscle stimulation

 EMS is similar to a TENS unit that some people may be more familiar with, but there are a few differences. TENS targets the skin’s sensory nerves to help desensitize them which can result in temporary pain relief. EMS targets the muscles themselves which is often the source of the pain whereas the skin sensitivity is downstream from a tight or fatigued muscle.

Therapeutic ultrasound

Therapeutic ultrasound uses sound waves to increase blood flow, cell metabolism, collagen synthesis, as well as decrease joint stiffness and muscle spasms. Using different intensities, the ultrasound can reach different depths which helps target the specific anatomy we are trying to treat.

Low level laser therapy

AKA Low-Level Laser Therapy. Cold laser therapy utilizes light waves to stimulate different cells within tissues to promote increased blood flow, tissue repair and decrease inflammation. 

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